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5  benefits of trenchless sewer line repair

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Trenchless sewer line repair in Mansfield has risen substantially in popularity over the last several years – and it’s easy to see why with its many benefits over more traditional methods.

Also known as cured in place pipe (CIPP) lining or no-dig pipe lining, trenchless pipe lining is a modern alternative to traditional excavation repair methods of the past. 

But what makes trenchless sewer line repair so beneficial? Let’s take a look at just five major benefits of using trenchless technology to repair your pipes.


Traditional pipe lining involves digging out one or more trenches in your yard or driveway to access sewer lines for repairs and/or replacements. This can potentially ruin your landscape, patio, driveway, or anything on your property that lies anywhere near your sewer lines. Who wants that?

That’s why with trenchless technology, a resin-soaked liner is fed through your faulty pipe, covering any cracks. And this is all done using an access point already on your land. That means no digging and no damage to your property.

After the liner is in place, a special bladder is filled with air. It expands that resin-soaked liner to completely cover the inside lining of the pipe. Once the “new pipe” has cured, the bladder is removed. This leaves you with a safely lined pipe-within-a-pipe that will serve you for years to come. 


Since there isn’t wasted time digging unsightly trenches in your yard, trenchless sewer line repairs can be completed much faster than traditional methods. In fact, while many sewer line repairs using excavation can take two to five days or longer, trenchless sewer line repairs can often be done in a day or less.

That’s because once that special bladder expands to press the liner against the inside surface of your pipe, it takes only 3 to 4 hours for it to cure in place.


Repairing a sewer line using trenchless pipe lining can also last longer than traditional excavation repair. That’s due to the materials used in the trenchless process.

The cured-in-place liners that form using trenchless methods do not corrode or rust like cast iron pipes. They also meet all plumbing industry standards and can last up to 100 years with routine care and maintenance. Cast iron pipes, on the other hand, last around 50 to 65 years, according to industry experts. 


Not only do no-dig trenchless sewer line repairs typically last longer, they also improve the function of your septic system overall by increasing flow capacity in your lines. 

Additionally, your drinking water will be cleaner and healthier because there will be no dirt, mold, or signs of bacteria in your new lines. 


Since trenchless lining is faster and doesn’t require any excavating or excavation equipment, the cost to have it done is less than traditional pipe lining methods too. Plus, your landscaping, patios, walkways, and other exterior features will be free of damage. That keeps you from having additional costs beyond the sewer line repair itself.

Trenchless sewer line repair also requires less labor than the traditional method. That means you get the a better quality repair than with excavation but with less damage, less time, fewer people, and less money.

So… why wouldn’t you choose trenchless sewer line repair?

Some companies like SPT Ohio have skipped past the messy and expensive pipe repairs of yesterday. Instead, we fix your sewer lines without even digging up your yard or adding any new pipes. 

That’s right – no new pipes, no digging, no property damage, no problems. Now that’s innovation. 

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