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Drain and Pipe Camera Inspections

Camera pipe inspection

Find the problem at its source.

Specialized Pipe Technologies of Ohio (SPT Ohio) has the experience and the technology like video camera inspection to help you understand the condition of your pipeline infrastructure and provide solutions to get things working like new.

Our drain and pipe repair specialists use camera inspections whenever possible so that we are sure that we are using the right solution for the job. With a camera inspection, we are able to see down your drains because we utilize high-quality, trenchless technology to help our technicians quickly assess where an issue is occurring. We almost always use them as our first step in fixing a pipe. If you suspect that there may be something wrong with your sewer or pipes, then call the experts at SPT to come to take a look as soon as possible.

Every drain inspection comes with a downloadable video and a detailed drawing of how your pipes run.

Camera inspection before CIPP pipe lining
Camera inspection BEFORE CIPP pipe lining
Camera inspection after CIPP pipe lining
Camera inspection AFTER CIPP pipe lining

Inspection Service

At SPT Ohio, we begin all of our consultations with a camera-guided inspection to assess the source of the problem and any damage. This real-time footage will give you and your technician an accurate and in-depth look at your system. Throughout the inspection, our technicians will help you understand your current situation and any complications that may arise if these problems are not addressed.

Sewer Video Inspection

A sewer camera inspection is recommended before taking any pipe-cleaning or repair action. Our technicians operate sewer cameras by snaking them down your drain so that they can fully investigate your plumbing. The cameras themselves are built into a very long cable, and project light to show the technician exactly what is causing your pipes problems. An image is projected onto a screen where you and your technician are able to see if tree roots, clogs or other materials are blocking your pipe system. We never pour chemicals or blast water through your pipelines until we know what is causing the problem.

Sewer Video Camera Features

  • Sewer-cable probe widths appropriate for pipeline
  • Camera cable lengths up to 200 feet or more
  • High-resolution screen image
  • LED lights on camera head to view the entire interior

Sewer cameras range in size and ability depending on the needs of your plumbing problems. Trenchless technology is continuously improving. Camera stabilizers are able to be installed on devices, and LED lights show technicians problems like never before. Call us today for pipe inspection. We can run our high-tech cameras through your pipeline and ensure that any annual plumbing worries you have been put at ease.


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