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When and Why: Pipe and Sewer Camera Inspections

Checking and performing routine maintenance on the pipes in your home isn’t usually on the top of anyone’s mind or to-do list. But as the buildings we use every day age, things begin to break down – including the plumbing.

You might not realize that plumbing systems account for roughly 10 percent of a home or building’s asset value. And if those pipes that make up those systems have been neglected for a long time, you might be in for expensive and extensive problems. 

It’s recommended that you have your pipes inspected every two years so that you can catch and address issues before they become problematic. Moreover, if your home is more than 25 years old, you should think about scheduling a CCTV diagnostic camera inspection of your property’s drain lines and infrastructure to evaluate their conditions.

At SPT Ohio, we have a team of pipe repair experts who can conduct thorough inspections to help you understand the condition of your pipes and identify problematic areas and the general condition of the pipes.

When Do You Need a Camera Inspection?

  • Slow or Gurgling Drains
  • Repeat Sewer Stoppages
  • Unpleasant Odors
  • Persistent Insect of Rodent Issues
  • Standing Water near Roof or Storm Drains
  • Drain Overflow During Rain

Root intrusions, cracks, missing or damaged pipe, obstructions, and buildup are the most common pipe problems we find when performing a pipe and sewer camera inspection.

Why Do a Camera Inspection?

  • Identify potential sewer and drain problems, including roof and storm drain
  • Verify plumbing location and depth
  • Verify pipe system material and integrity
  • Document condition of the system, including root intrusion
  • Enable pipe maintenance planning
  • Prevent pipe emergencies and catastrophic failures

Every camera inspection from SPT Ohio includes a detailed report with links to the video footage, so our customers can see the condition of their pipes and make an informed decision. We document the location, depth, and pipe materials and provide a mapped diagram of the pipe system. Using an easy-to-understand rating system, we assess the buildup and condition of each pipe section with grades of excellent, good/normal, fair, poor, or failing. Our expert technicians will provide recommendations for a preventive maintenance plan to extend the life of your pipes.

If you have slow or gurgling drains or it’s been a while since you’ve had your drain and sewer lines checked out, give us a call at 419-834-8366 for your free consultation.